About the Marin Symphony

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The Marin Symphony Association is one of the longest-running, most prestigious, cultural organizations in Marin County and the Bay Area. The orchestra was the inspiration of a small group of professional and amateur musicians who wished to bring classical music, performed by local artists, to the people of Marin. Originally chartered as the Symphony Guild of Marin, the new organization was also committed to providing programs to give young people in Marin an incentive for musical study and accomplishment.

The Marin Symphony’s first official concert was held on December 14, 1952 at Marin County Catholic High School. The Symphony’s performances remained there through the succeeding 13 seasons. The Symphony’s second home through 1970 was the auditorium at the College of Marin. In 1971, the Symphony moved to its permanent home in the newly opened, 2,000-seat Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium where it remained until October, 1989, when seismic reinforcement to the hall necessitated a two-year hiatus. During this brief interval, the Symphony performances moved to Angelico Hall at Dominican University. On the occasion of the auditorium’s 20th Anniversary on November 17, 1991, the Symphony returned to its home in the Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium, where it performs to this day.

Today, the orchestra has grown to include approximately 85 musicians, 70% union players and 30% non-union community players. A majority of these musicians come from throughout the Bay Area and represent all the major performing arts organizations.

Since 1954, the organization has supported a variety of youth programs. Today these include the Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra, Crescendo, and Symphony@Schools program.

Each year, the Marin Symphony orchestra presents five pairs of classical concerts in the Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium from October through May, the Symphony season. Additionally, specialty concerts and events such as the Holiday Concerts by Candlelight, Family Concert, and our Prelude Recitals are offered with pride to the community for its inspiration and enrichment.

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